Vin Hill

artist, technologist

Vin Hill's !watching (pronounced 'not watching'). An interactive video installation.


Vin Hill's Ken. An interactive video installation for Microsoft Kinect.


Vin Hill's Logos Zontanos. A networked multichannel sound installation for library stacks.

Logos Zontanos

My work is a response these questions while accepting the answers may be beyond our grasp. Crucial to this enterprise is the embrace of cutting edge technologies such as computer vision, real-time video editing, the use of datasets collected via information networks, and various psychoacoustic techniques.The answers I’m looking for are to be found between rules and randomness, intellect and emotion, flesh and machine.

The answers I'm looking for are ultimately inside us.

Vin Hill is a New Media artist and technologist based in Seattle, WA. Hill's works utilize sound, video, interactivity, and communications networks.